WordPress Grid Themes

If you’re looking for a theme with a nice, attractive geometric layout, then a grid theme is what you need.  This is a collection of the very best WordPress grid themes around.  Grid themes have a certain style that sets them apart from other themes and I think you’ll find these to be the very best examples of grid themes you can find.

Zerif Pro


This one is called Zerif Pro, a lovely one page grid theme made by ThemeIsle.  Zerif Pro gives you a slick and fun parallax scrolling design, you can use custom content blocks to give your site the layout you want and to present your content properly.  That helps create an amazing user experience that can help draw in new customers and help retain your old customers too.  All sorts of businesses have purchased this theme.  This theme has a great design, this theme is well made for web pages that don’t need layouts with many pages.  Sometimes the one page design is more than enough and the Zerif Pro theme makes the most of just one page, with a a clear and concise style, a contact form, tons of custom content blocks for your homepage and a lot more.

This Zerif Pro template is incredibly simple to edit, it’s responsive and this single page template is a delightfully state-of-the-art theme for corporate or business sites, artistic portfolios, selling all sorts of merchandise, creative agencies, photographers and plenty more.  In short, if you value this kind of modern design and ease of use, and want to opt for a one page theme that is a perfect frame for and focuses attention on what you have to offer, you’ll adore this theme.  Zerif Pro is totally Search Engine Optimization optimized to ensure your site is easy to find on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine on the planet.

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Shutter, by ThemeFuse is an awesome pick for almost any photography studio, or photographers portfolio. Shutter is an ideal theme to anyone that wants to to feature all kinds of magnificent photographs and to establish a beautiful website. This Shutter theme truly is a straightforward to operate WP theme with a fresh style along with a distinctive take on the photography web site design.  From photo galleries to internet based photo albums, proofing sites to ordinary portfolios, Shutter does everything well.

Since Shutter is a thoroughly responsive WordPress template, the theme can be conveniently custom-made and even revolutionized to align with all your website’s style and overall performance needs. It is filled with up-to-the-minute elements, overall flexibility (it is possible to switch hues, typography, fonts, styles and a whole lot more) and fun options. You need to benefit from all of them! Phones are extremely common these days and their status is on the rise, that makes this theme seem to be cool, exciting and cutting edge.

The Shutter theme is an awesome portfolio theme specially designed to inspire all commercial photographers and creative companies that would like to get notable digital presence.

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Silverbow WordPress Theme

This free, GPL WP theme is named the Silverbow WordPress theme and it is a magnificent option for anybody who desires an effective freebie that may carry out a huge range of duties. Silverbow is definitely a efficient loading theme as well, it’s among the quickest loading WordPress themes we’ve checked. The Silverbow theme provides an attractive looking frame for all kinds of posts, it’s simple style is exquisite and simple to use.

WooCommerce is the most widely used shopping cart solutions for WordPress and this theme is fully optimized to look fabulous and work perfectly. You can quickly setup a spectacular online website before you know it. Absolutely mobile friendly, this awesome theme appears very well on any type of device. That is vitally important taking into account how many visitors employ mobile devices to do their business on the net.

If you’d love to tailor-make the basic design of your web site? If you select this theme, it’s guaranteed, you’ll find it easy to maintain a user friendly and flexible web page. WordPress is among the most well regarded blog posting platforms on account of its adaptability and high-powered attributes and a style like Silverbow is definitely a great pick for blogging and site-building. Silverbow is a wonderfully confident and visually hot WordPress template.

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This Eames theme is an exquisite, simple minimalist theme with a true sense of balance between form and functionality, between fundamental and challenging, between portfolio and WordPress blog, making it amazing for a wide variety of usages and styles. I adore the general design and look on this all purpose theme, Eames, along with the smooth, responsive format. Eames was made by MadeByMinimal so Eames is finely designed, it’s plain, it’s amazing, but at the exact same time, it is very strong, fresh and stunning. The layout is outstanding and surely not a thing can get between your readers and your content, so for blog posting, Eames is a beautiful choice that helps elevate your content material and truly get the reaction that you’ll appreciate. This WP minimalist portfolio and blog theme could be sound for vlog, almost any photography portfolio or any inspiring site. If you need your visitors to really enjoy your exceptional visuals and artistic work, you will want the ideal frame to make it look the best it can. An uncomplicated style like Eames is a great choice; basically, should you need a breezy, calm looking web-site.Demo/Purchase Get Hosting




This gorgeous WordPress theme is Lookbook. Lookbook is a beautiful and impressive, unique and intuitive grid theme for putting together an outstanding creative portfolio. With an impressive mosaic grid layout, this Lookbook theme delivers a very good first impression, displaying your content on just a single page. Just like each one of GraphPaper Press’ templates, Lookbook is a snap to customize, you may vary the favicons, logos, menu styles and locations, text blocks as well as any one of the various widgets. Lookbook offers a fluid style, flawless looking on every kind of device. Your imagery are going to appear perfectly with one of the many pre-built masonry grid layouts that are included with this theme, show off artistic portfolios, graphic galleries as well as posts in an identical awesome masonry style.Demo/Purchase Get Hosting



This WordPress theme, Divi, is among the top selling and powerful WordPress themes that’s come to market in the last two years.  The Divi theme is certainly a genuine multi purpose theme, offering plenty of layouts and functionality offered.  Personal blogs can stun your readers because of this well designed WordPress template by Elegant Themes.

We believe you’ll really love just about everything this theme offers, from the flexibility to the clean and dapper style, the high documentation and support given by Elegant Themes and, really, the the relatively low price for the theme. For just $89 a year, you’ll be able to get everything.  That’s ideal for a developer.   Though even you’re not, it’s a really great bargain when you consider the amount of features you’ll get, and the help and support if you should need it.  Divi is an amazing theme, possibly the only one you’ll ever need.  Impressive and easy to use, the Divi theme is as influential as it is appealing.

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Studio 8


This gorgeous theme is Studio 8 and it’s garnered plenty of positive reviews from many jubilant purchasers.  The Studio 8 theme is incredibly popular, it’s been downloaded many thousands of times and this fabulous theme is absolutely adding more downloads every single day. When it comes to flexibility, the Studio 8 WordPress theme gives all you need to find success in any niche or business. Complete first-timers to the web site development game are going to appreciate the developer’s offer of full theme installation and customization by the WP Look themselves. In only a matter of minutes, your website can be all ready to go. All you have to do is render any corrections you like and create some content. After the web-site is online, even beginners will be able to use the wonderfully slick customization panel to make completely unique layouts and design styles for small businesses, creative agencies, self-employed experts and any kind of organization.Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

Elegance Pro


This theme is an effectively made, alluring, novel and modern minimal design template that will help you generate the web-site of your hopes and dreams. This design is impressive, it’s been created with all types of buyer in mind, from beginner to specialist. With the most recent CSS and HTML, this theme is great for blog sites and enterprises of any kind, because this theme is a very powerful and cool adaptable template, ideal for everyone.

This Elegance Pro webpage can be set up very fast and there are so many plugins that you might utilize to produce different features for your web site. A perfectly responsive designed theme is crucial, that is why this impressive, flexible theme has been produced to be perfectly responsive, so that it appears awesome on any sort of smart device, no matter the size. It is possible to promptly make your own personalized layout variations with this template, given that it truly is so accommodating and vibrant, skillfully designed and designed in each and every way. This really is an incredibly superb Elegance Pro minimal theme that you should unquestionably think about.

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Clearly, Themify’s Ultra is a stunningly strong theme.  The Ultra WordPress theme has many demos, such as advertising agency or restaurant styles, beautiful wedding sites or gym and fitness skins, eCommerce shopping sites, gaming sites or accountant websites and a whole lot more.  This theme is really easy to use and full featured with a cute, pleasing and splendid look with tons of offerings to create a custom site.

Ultra WordPress theme lets you craft a new website just like you want it to look, thanks to the fluid and responsive style as well as the easy to manage drag and drop page builder.  You get a lot of powerful extensions to help you add the various features you’ll be offering on your website, there are dozens of pre-designed page layouts, to help out getting your website on-line fast and with relative ease. Colors and typography are easy to change, there are multiple different archive styles too.

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Tabor is an excellent GPL WordPress template which may be just what your searching for.    Tabor offers the perfect structure for your content material, it’s simple layout is appealing and easy to use.  There is certainly a great deal more than just a beautiful look. This theme offers plenty of awesome benefits.

Created to be among the very finest eCommerce templates, Tabor features a delightful look along with the features which jointly improves the performance of your website!  This theme is a very fast loading multi-purpose theme, a highly responsive one, retina-ready as well as clean personal blog theme for the WordPress platform.

If you want to customize the visual style of your web site? With this template, you will have the most adaptable internet site. You can actually display any sort of art work too, Tabor gives you a tasteful and useful portfolio design on board.

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For more amazing WordPress grid themes, try this.

Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro WordPress Theme

This attractive, high quality theme called Hestia Pro is by ThemeIsle, and it’s a breathtaking, multi-use WP business theme with a great looking material design style that’s chic and uncomplicated, yet stylish and corporate all at once. Hestia Pro includes an amazing WordPress blog and portfolio built right in and due to the fact that it’s a just a one page theme, navigating around definitely couldn’t be any quicker. Hestia Pro might just be the very best material design WordPress theme on the market, at least I haven’t seen any preferable to Hestia Pro. What good is a material design style theme? I think material design themes are sort of a response to flat themes and while they’re definitely not that distinct, these material design WordPress themes often have minuscule shadows under some of the design elements like text or images. Those small, subtle shadows are what material design WordPress themes are about.

Hestia Pro is wonderfully responsive and mobile friendly, it looks dazzling on all types of devices, no matter the screen dimensions. Now, that’s not such a big deal these days, the bulk of WordPress themes are perfectly responsive, but in my opinion that Hestia Pro is truly one of the best options, which explains why I include it in our collection of the most excellent WordPress responsive layout themes. WooCommerce ready, the Hestia Pro theme makes it very simple to build an internet shop with a few mouse clicks. With enormous amounts of addons and extensions to alter WooCommerce, it’s getting to the point where truly, WooCommerce is now every bit as good as all the big money shopping cart alternatives available and it’s likely to save a lot of money over the long term. You only need an appropriate, wonderful and versatile WordPress WooCommerce theme to go along with it!

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