Seneca is a wonderfully well constructed WordPress theme, perfect for those of you who happen to be searching for a great way to construct a website that is simple, with to easily manage products, blog posts, videos, personnel and other fantastic content in WordPress’ native admin panel. Seneca is a strong theme for a wide variety of purposes and it’s down to the fact that Seneca’s design never gets in the way of your website’s content. That makes Seneca s sort of blank slate, with plenty of solid design but nothing that overshadows the content, which allows that content to take center stage, becoming the star of the show, so to speak.  That makes your website very hard to ignore.

Responsive design is in, and Seneca is a powerful WordPress theme that is 100% responsive in design.  Basically, it looks great, no matter the type of computer your users get the website with. From the biggest screens to the very smallest, if you use a computer to access the site, it’ll look fantastic, since it adapts to fit the resolution of the screen, unlike static width sites.  Static sites are going the way of the Dodo, by the way.  Since you know it looks perfect for every user, you know you’re delivering a wonderful user experience every time.  It’s guaranteed.

WordPress allows you to sell your products online too, which is a handy feature that Seneca gives you.  Digital or tangible goods, both will look great in this well oiled machine of a WordPress theme.  For a well made WordPress theme, with simple design and loads of features, including the ability to set up an online store, Seneca is a wonderful choice.

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