Qua combines a straightforward, minimal WordPress site design and a portfolio layout that can be readily customized, to create a sensational WordPress website that can produce results that are excellent, regardless of the type of products you need to sell or what kind of company you might have. With Qua, you’ll never be at a loss for custom options and the ease of use makes it ideal for beginners; it really could not be easier if you are looking to customize this theme. Qua lets you create custom looks for background pictures, your custom logo is readily uploaded, menus, widgets and more, they’re all relatively simple to change up on a whim. It is very simple to do with Qua if you discover you have to correct any setting to create the perfect, customized look for your website.

What else could I say about Qua? Well, the layout that is responsive is a must have to give your site the best chance to lure in new readers and maintain your old readers too. You just must offer a layout that looks great regardless of the screen size, on any apparatus, because you never know who’s accessing your site and on what type of computer. Qua has that responsiveness down pat. On top of that, Qua is automatically and continuously updated, so you will never need to concern yourself with the theme breakage because something changed in the WordPress codex.  Qua, like all of GraphPaper Press’ offerings, has fanatical support and a highly detailed set of documentation to go along with it, so you’ll be able to get out of any stick situations you might run into while installing or configuring your website.

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