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Mingle is a stone cold stunner of a WordPress theme and best of all, it’s BuddyPress ready! What’s Buddypress?  Well, it’s a social networking plugin that allows you to create an online community.  Your members, once they’re registered, will be able to take part in a completely functional, full service community on your web page.  This amazing layout is perfect to feel a real link with your blog and for letting your users tell you how they feel, to discuss ideas on various areas. BuddyPress lets all of your users and members interact in groups, forums, friend connections, status updates, private messaging and a lot more.  Just like Facebook and other sites, you’ll really be helping to create connections and interaction.   Mingle’s admin features make this a breeze too.  BuddyPress allows one to do more than website about various matters without much reader interaction, BuddyPress allows your users to have a voice, to convey their ideas and feelings about the issue at hand.


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