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Best Intercom Alternatives for Online Business Communication Bling Themes WordPress Articles

Intercom is a messaging platform that allows businesses and customers to communicate efficiently using the intercom app, it website, through social media and through email. Intercom is one of the most popular messaging platforms anywhere, it has over 100,000 active monthly users. Quite a number of them, over 30,000, are paying customers. So, the popularity is clear, the features are full and is a great marketing tool. Allowing people to communicate, that is a big part of business and Intercom does a fine job of allowing that to happen.

That said, intercom doesn’t have the market completely cornered. There are quite a number of useful options out there that have fewer limitations and more powerful, robust featuring lists. So, we have set out to create a list of the absolute best intercom alternatives for online business communication.



Zendesk has been around for quite a while, it’s probably one of the older Platforms in this collection, but it is still going strong. This is a proven tool for cloud-based customer service, one of its biggest advantages is speed. It’s easy to install, easy to integrate and everything blows up lightning fast. Setting up Zendesk takes just a few minutes, it’s great for all types of businesses and all sizes of business. If communication is what you are after, Zendesk is a really powerful tool to make it happen.

You won’t be alone either, this platform is used by some of the biggest websites around like a Airbnb and tumbler, among others. Zendesk works on the web, it works with Android and iOS just as well. You get a full support guide, business tools and easy integration. Zendesk offers a one month free trial. After that, the cost is just $5 per month. Zendesk is intuitive, clean, simple and delivers a fantastic user experience.

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LiveChat offers a 14 day trial to show you exactly what this powerful Intercom alternative brings to the table. LiveChat is a premium help desk software for businesses and, as the name implies, it offers LiveChat service. Live chat can help turn support teams into rock stars, that’s what the advertising copy says at least.

Priced at $16 a month after that 14 day free trial, this chat platform offers a lot of features that can make it pretty useful. There are canned responses, customizable branding, screen sharing and third-party plugin integration.The platform is quite stable, it’s easy to separate groups and integrates well with other software. The reports are plentiful and there are quite a number of tools to make this is software even more useful. The security is tight and there are custom rules that you can Implement to make things even more secure.

Overall, LiveChat is among the most popular help desk plug-ins for customer support that we have found. It’s also among the oldest, that means they’ve gotten a lot of the bugs worked out and it works perfectly on all operating systems. LiveChat integrates perfectly with WordPress and all of the other major but page Builders, helping to improve communication across the World, helping you stay in touch with your customers and your website’s visitors.

LiveChat is available in dozens of different languages, making it a great solution for websites that I have worldwide reach and appeal. Live chat sets up quite easily and you can chat from any device, phone, tablet, laptop, you get the idea. The interface is clean and concise and I think it’s a great alternative intercom.

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Zoho Desk

This Zoho Desk software is a little bit different. It claims to be the first context-aware help desk software anywhere. Reading reviews, it sounds like that clean is pretty accurate. There are a lot of different contacts or where software systems, Google Assistant being one of them, and they can be decent making context-aware replies. Zoho Desk seems to be a step above. The automated, contacts to wear support is definitely better than a lot of the other options out there.

Zoho Desk puts customer service at the Forefront of what your company offers, making customers empowered. That can help to make your agents even more productive, giving them only the best leads and helping them to engage and close. Zoho Desk also offers automation, making most repetitive tasks completely automated. Zoho Desk is a fantastic platform where your entire team can collaborate, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Not to mention employee satisfaction. Zoho Desk offers support even when you are not around, that’s a really cute component to delivering exactly what your visitors want.

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If you were looking for a very affordable service to integrate with your WordPress website, SmartSupp is really great alternative. This service integrates with WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress and more, even integrates with Google analytics to help share reports. You can create any sort of custom report for livechat sessions. SmartSupp is a little different than some of the child services in this collection, it offers a completely free plan of course, you can step up to the Premium plan which costs $8 per person per month. But, for many, the free version is going to be plenty.

This service is really built mostly for eCommerce Support, so I think that it’s a really great choice. A lot of people are singling this out as being one of the most easy chat platforms, perfectly integrating with open car, pretzel shop, webnode and WordPress as I mentioned. That’s a lot of flexibility and if your store needs a high-quality, free option for chatting with customers, I think this is a great pic.

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Pure Chat

Purechat is another free livechat service for high-volume websites. If you need a dedicated livechat operator, this is one of the better choices. Purechat allows you to connect to your website and displays a chat widget for all users to be able to connect. Well this service offers a free plan that gives you unlimited chat, chat transcripts, custom widgets and an engagement Hub, while supporting up to 3 operators, the premium version adds even more service and functionality. Purechat offers a free chat Forum, users can fill in their personal information and you’ll be able to connect with them once you are online. That’s a really nice feature and considering what you get for the free version, I think this is a very smart alternative to intercom.

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Drift is another chat service that allows you to connect with your customers in a convenient and easy way. The people at will help you schedule a free website conversion assessment, it allows you to get a very clear understanding of how conversational marketing can help increase sales and help you do a lot more business. Drift is a conversational marketing platform, they say that it’s the first and the only one on the web.

Drift allows you to automate the sales funnel with box, chatbots that can answer common questions in real time. He’s boxing and do a great job of routing qualified leads to the right sales rep and starting conversations with prospective customers in real time. All of this can help you generate more leads and that is one of the biggest things that this service has to offer. Converting more traffic, getting better leads, that’s what drift is all about it and I think that’s what makes it such a great alternative to Intercom.

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Chaport says it is a better way to talk to website visitors. With chat for, you get to install a chat button on your website that can help answer customer questions and that will help increase in sales. Communicating with your customers should be an enjoyable experience and that is what Chaport attempts to do. It’s designed with a modern messenger look, it makes communication with customers fast, easy and enjoyable. It’s just like chatting with old friends. Creating satisfied customers can really help increase sales, talking to visitors and solving their problems quickly can help them make a decision to purchase your product for your service.

With Chaport, you don’t always need to be online. Visitors can write to you even when you’re offline and you will be able to answer questions via a livechat, receive email notifications and more. You can even try the app directly in your browser without installing the widget on your website. This is a One-Stop shopping center for answering customer questions and building trust, engaging with customers before they make their purchase is the best time to ensure that you make the right first impression.

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Freshworks is a feature-packed customer engagement Software System, are refreshing business software that your team and your customers are going to love. There are several different components included, freshdesk which helps to empower your support team. This allows people to work together to resolve customer issues faster. There is fresh chat, that allows you to engage with website visitors for sales and customer satisfaction. Freshsales helps to keep your sales team up-to-date about the newest leads and Prospects, helping them to close deals even faster. There are several others and I think that this service is certainly worth checking out. Freshworks is used by some of the largest websites in the world, helping to deliver a professional and friendly experience, boosting sales and building Trust.

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SnapEngage is a livechat the gets proven results, helping you connect with visitors and improve results. SnapEngage can help amplify your sales by enabling your sales team to qualify and convert even more leads. It’s all about engagement. SnapEngage has a gold ribbon chat that empowers qualified leads to take the next step. Keeping qualified leads moving down that sales funnel is very important.

You get real-world sales results, using this SnapEngage conversation platform, you’ll be able to engage with customers in an incredibly conversation friendly and efficient way. Retaining existing customers is every bit as important. SnapEngage helps Boost customer satisfaction. That can reduce your cost per interaction and every little bit of savings helps. With real-world support results, he will deliver answers to customers in a way that give them a fantastic user experience. Basically, this is about engaging with your customers and potential customers in a smarter way, using automation where it makes sense and good old-fashioned human contact when a needed.

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Slack describes itself as a collaboration Hub, helping to put the right people in the right information together. When everything comes together like that, everyone benefits. Slack is certainly one of the most popular software services in this collection, everybody seems to have heard of it. Slack allows you to create a channel for every conversation, organizing information by topics, projects, teams or whatever makes sense for you and your company. With these channels, everyone who needs the right information gets it and that can help streamline your efforts.

Slack fully integrates with all of the most popular apps and services that you might already be using everyday. With slack, information can flow into the stream of conversation, everyone gets to see it and act on it, inside the slack app. It’s really a great way to integrate and streamline your efforts to make sure that everyone’s hard work pays off.

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Olark  is a software service that helps you grow your business with each and every online conversation. Olark livechat helps connect you to the right customers at the right time in the right place. That means that you can increase sales while you provide support and acquire new, promising leads. Making each and every conversation count is very important, you’ll need to be able to identify and engage with your most qualified leads. Features like automated messaging, preach at surveys, detailed visitor insights and a wide range of in-depth reporting or some of the tools that can help you achieve that goal.

Olark believes that growth happens faster when people work together. That is why I Olark  integration is so thorough. No matter what CRM or eCommerce platform, analytics software you use, Olark does a great job of integrating. No matter what your business call, whether it’s simply offering better service, generating leads or higher sales, Olark has the type of livechat features to help you accomplish that goal.

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Bling WordPress Themes FlyCoffee, WordPress Bakery And Coffee Shop Theme

Bling WordPress Themes FlyCoffee, WordPress Bakery And Coffee Shop Theme

In terms of features and flexibility, this theme has it all. It’s very easy to use and easy to install, customization is a breeze and with it, you can have a wonderful looking website up and running, helping to promote your coffee shop business in almost in no time. it’s all about delivering a fabulous user experience and this theme never forgets that fact. It’s highly customizable, very simple to install and it has a lot of special features that are just for coffee shops and Cafe websites.  Learn more here.

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Flexible Video Portfolio and Video Blog Theme Bling Themes WordPress Themes

We’ve gone and located a great selection of some fabulous themes. All about WordPress Themes.

Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme For Videos

flexible wordpress portfolio video theme

The Adaptive WordPress Theme is aimed towards visual artists, illustrators, photographers, and videographers who wish to showcase their artwork in their sites. What sets the Adaptive WordPress Theme aside is that its primary page also includes your most recent blog articles or other info you want your visitors to view . Every one is possible without altering the theme’s lines of code. All you need to do is upgrade the theme choices on the WordPress dashboard using one mouse click.

Other characteristics of this Flexible WordPress Theme features a minimalist layout (it is possible to select between six different color schemes), sortable galleries, committed customer service staff, Ajax compatibility, totally responsive layout, distinct preinstalled page templates, and multiple browser compatibility, and 16 shortcodes. The Adaptive theme’s shortcodes are for producing button kinds, articles boxes, toggled articles, tabbed articles, slideshows, image sliders, simple tooltips, social networking programs, password protected material, author data, column designs, customized pub lists, pricing tables, reviews, drop caps, along with quotations. The theme also has translation-ready documents if you would like to utilize the theme for sites set in a different language.

Adaptive is among those WordPress video themes made by Classy Themes. It’s part of the theme gallery readily available for a yearly charge. Upgrades and accessibility to Elegant Themes gallery will stop in case you cancel your subscription.

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Touch Bling Themes WordPress Themes

Bling themes has just heard of a wonderful selection of some wonderful themes. This is about WordPress Themes.


WordPress Twitter Bootstrap Themes

Very powerful theme which suits both, creative and business users with no programming background, as well as advanced developers. The Theme is built on top of the great Themeple Framework. It comes with a hundreds of options so you can modify, styling, colors, layout and fonts directly from within the Theme Options.

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Enova, Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme Bling Themes WordPress Themes

Bling themes has just found a great selection of perfect WordPress themes. They’re about WordPress Themes.

Enova WordPress theme is ideal for corporate websites. If you got a financial services company, if you are a financial advisor or a Consulting agency or business, this finely crafted corporate style business theme is a great place to start. With the Elementor page builder, you will have access to a wide range of features to help make your website look delightful. Oh yes, it’s perfectly responsive, meaning your theme will look great on all devices as well. That’s a really great thing to know, being certain that you can craft a website from the ground up that has all the features and functionality that you want your website to have. Element or let you drag and drop your way to be precisely out that you want.

Each and every layout will look great on all devices sizes, laptops, iPad or iPhone, Android and tablets. Of course, this thing looks just as good on full-size screens as well. Uline this is the same features two different homepage Styles, it offers a clean and modern design with right-to-left language capability. There is the one click Elementor page and section import, a great way to get started quickly. Your portfolios can be filtered using isotope, there are powerful shortcode options and free tech support to ensure that you get the most out of this theme.

Well, let’s have a look at what your front page could possibly look like if you select Enova to be your template of choice.

Enova - Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

Looking for more themes like this one? When I have a look at this collection of WordPress business themes. I think that it is a fine starting point and should give you a lot too digest. Picking the right theme shouldn’t be as much of a challenge as it often is, and if you pick something from our list of themes, you can be guaranteed that it is a high-quality theme that has the features you need and flexibility to add more features if it doesn’t. It’s one or the other.

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Muse Bling Themes WordPress Themes

Bling Themes has recently heard of an awesome selection of gorgeous themes. Well, it’s for WordPress Themes.

timeline style WordPress theme
ThemeFuse presents: The Muse.  The Muse is a simple looking, ultra-customizable WordPress theme with a hint of Pinterest style and a powerful timeline layout that helps organize your content chronologically, which is pretty unique and fun.
You can swap out nearly any setting in the handy theme options panel and it only takes a few clicks to get the job done.  (Believe me, I’ve seen very few admin panels that were this simple, yet comprehensive.  This is a wonderful theme for WP beginners).  The Muse is responsive and retina ready, industry standard for themes these days, and that’s the perfect combination to make your content shine.  No matter what kind of topics you’re blogging about, the style of this theme is such that your posts, your projects, your latest news and notes, they’re all going to look absolutely fantastic.  Oh yeah, if you want the theme to look exactly like the demo site, you can import the demo content, then swap out their content for your own.  That’s a handy way to get a big headstart on creating your website.
For bloggers who want a fun theme with a fresh style, a completely unique presentation and customization features that are unrivaled, you want The Muse by ThemeFuse.
***EDIT – Well, all good things come to an end, so they say.  Here’s the bad news, the Muse WordPress theme has been retired and can’t be downloaded any more.  That’s okay though, we’ve found a bunch more timeline style WordPress themes that you’re going to absolutely adore.
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Andre – Street Style Sports & Gym WooCommerce Theme Bling Themes WordPress Themes

Andre is a Giant of a theme.  Get it?  Andre the Giant?

This game is really impressive. It’s got six different sports inspired home pages that you get to choose from and enjoy one of them is made to work hand-in-hand with cucumbers to allow you to set up a shop. I think it’s great for shoe stores and clothing stores, anything sports-related or perhaps something else entirely? You get blog and portfolio templates that are ready made for your content and a lot of other features to help make this feeling one of the better premium tablets come on in quite some time. There are one click demo import features, fast page load times and everything is fully seo-friendly. The premium plug-in bundle that is included really helps you add the features that you want to have on your website. Customization is completely intuitive and there are custom short codes included to help give you all of the functionality that your site is going to require.

I love it when a developer has a lot to say about their theme, which is absolutely the case here with Andre.  This is a ‘Giant’ description.  You still get it, right?

We would like to recommend Andre for online stores, shops, companies and brands that sell sportswears, gymnastic accessories and fitness equipment. With the sports-based design, Andre is just the missing piece you’re seeking for.

If you are in search of a perfect fit for your new sports clothes & equipment store, this is the one. ANDRE is a strong candidate for you in various way: the impressively modern design, the inclusion of innumerable theme features, the huge collection of custom short-codes, and most importantly, the premium support from ThemeMove team. It would be remiss not mention these outstanding theme features: mega menu, Parallax effects, mobile friendliness, screen resolution adaptability and the WPML support etc., which make Andre a remarkable one among WordPress newbies.

The most exciting thing that awaits the users is the BURNING HOT & NEW WooCommerce shopping features we add to the demo: Full-screen Product Slider, Product Preview, & Product Hotspot. In addition, our developers have dedicatedly added new Awesome & Themify icons, along with new Gmap styles for enhancing the visuals of your site. Try our demo now to experience it.

Check out some more great fitness themes in this collection.

Demo Free Download Get Hosting

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How to Add a Forum to Your WordPress Website Bling Themes WordPress Articles

WordPress is definitely one of the most conventional, and easy to navigate platforms to hold your website in. If you already have a WordPress site, chances are, you are able to reach out to a good number of readers—no matter how many they are—because of how easy it is to add tags, categories, and make your posts known in the cyber world.

Then again, if you already have a handful of readers, don’t you think that it would be nice to add a forum to WordPress? You see, even in this day and age, speaking in forums, finding people who like the same things that you do, and finding a community of people whom you can engage in honest, smart conversations with is still helpful. It is still a way of reaching out to others, and fostering your own community.

But just like a lot of bloggers and site owners, you may be asking the questions: Are there any WordPress forum plugins around? Can you actually add a forum to WordPress? Well, the answer to both of these questions is an absolute and resounding yes!

And how do you make it happen, then? Read on, and you will easily learn how.

Use BuddyPress


First and foremost, you can make way for WordPress BuddyPress Forums by using the BuddyPress plugin, of course. This is one of the most well-known—and probably the most popular way—on how you can add a forum to WordPress.

One thing you should know about BuddyPress is that it is rich in a gallantry of amazing features. It is pretty much a great, powerful community plugin that can provide you with a forum, user profiles, notifications, activity streams, and groups that can keep you sane, inspire, and motivate you in the crazy online world.

Some of the best things that BuddyPress can do are the following:

  • Provide an internal communication tool for your website / company / service—so there will be no need to use the confusing Facebook messenger, or some of those very unprofessional chat apps that are better used for personal conversation, rather than professional ones;

  • A campus-wide social network for your college, school, or university—to keep conversation exciting, and safe, at the same time;

  • Focused communities for services and products—so that you will have a better idea of who are patronizing your niche, and get their opinions to help make your work better;

  • Niche / social specific groups, so you can foster camaraderie among your readers, and;

  • The best part is that it provides you with an intelligent, enhanced forum experience that you probably have not tried anywhere else!

WordPress BuddyPress Forums are also open-source, making sure that you will not have a hard time getting hold of them, and that you can turn your website into a more prolific, engaging community—definitely way better than just a simple blog.

However, if you feel like this is not the best thing for you, well, you will be glad to know that there are other WordPress Forum Plugins around—and you can get to know them below.

For a big selection of WordPress BuddyPress themes, click here.

Learn More About BuddyPress

Try BbPress


Speaking of other WordPress Forum Plugins, maybe BbPress is more your thing—especially that it is currently one of the most popular plugins around, making it one of the most trusted, too!

One of the things that most WordPress users like about it is that it is easy to set up. And from there, you already know that you will not have a hard time moderating this forum because it would not be too cluttered for you—which is especially helpful if you are still a beginner in the online blogging community. It also makes use of the following philosophies:

  • That it will always stay open source ;

  • That simplicity will always be its main feature;

  • That less code is more—again, perfect for beginners, and;

  • That it will always be secure and speedy!

Aside from that, you can also be sure that you will be able to get a fully integrated central account—all in a one-click install process, which is something that most plugins cannot give! Upon doing so, you can then divide your site into sections—so members who have nothing to say about certain topics could just go and talk about what they want to—making sure that animosity would not rule your site!

Learn More About bbPress

Why not CM Answers?


Now, here is another one of those amazing WordPress Forum Plugins: CM Answers!

If you are the type who always likes to hear your readers’ opinions, or at least, get some gist of how they think by providing them with thought-provoking questions, CM Answers may be the right forum plugin for you!

Dubbed as WordPress’ very own Powerful Q & A Discussion Plugin, CM Answers would be able to improve your site because of its customizable mobile-responsive services. As you might know, most people read articles or blogs on their mobile devices these days—as they are often on the go—so it is important to make sure that your blog—and the resulting forum—would be optimized for mobile.

With the help of this plugin, you will be able to do that, and enjoy the following, too:

  • Be able to edit or have questions answered after posting;

  • Change templates so it would work well with your blog;

  • Great multiple file upload support so you could multitask and save loads of time;

  • Generate a list of logs and statistics to help you understand what is going on with your website, and understand the kind of readers you are dealing with, and;

  • Provide Geotags—to understand where your readers are coming from, and how impactful your posts are, for them.

If mobile optimization is your thing, and you really want to keep up with the times, this one is right for you!

Learn More About CM Answers

DW Question and Answer


Another one of those amazing WordPress Forum Plugins is none other than DW Question and Answer!

More than just a forum, you would be able to create a Question and Answer site—ala Ask.Fm, Quora, or the early FormSpring. Sites, and forums like these often cater to the younger generation, which is good, because admit it or not, the youth has a lot of influence on people these days. It is also a means of learning more—and easily—about various topics, which means that gaining knowledge could be fun and never boring.

Some of the best features of this plugin include the following:

  • Email Notification System—to check if someone has posted either a question or an answer;

  • Vote and Pick Best Answer System—just like the classic Yahoo! Answers, so your readers would at least have a gist about which answer is right, and so the questions in their head could easily be cleared;

  • Submit / Filter / Order / Edit Question Ability;

  • Sticky Questions;

  • Questions / Answers Follow Function—same as following comments on websites so you will not have to follow what you do not want to;

  • Shortcodes—so that sharing would be easy and more professional-looking, and;

  • Answer and Comment Options, of course!

Basically, it is an easy way of allowing your readers—and you yourself—to give opinions and have good conversations on your website—and that is always something good as it increases traffic, and provides you with more followers!

Learn More About DW Question and Answer

Use AnsPress


Here is another convenient way for you to add a forum to WordPress: AnsPress.

AnsPress is a Q & A-like forum plugin that you can use to enhance your blog or website. As you can see—and as provided with the choices here—people these days are often looking for ways to express themselves, and one of those ways is to add a Q & A type forum to your site—and AnsPress can help you out with that!

The great thing about this plugin is that you can control or manage it both on the Admin Menu, and also on the Settings Page. It also has a great interface—which can add to the aesthetic value of your site! With this plugin, you will also be able to experience the following:

  • Custom Fields—so your readers could provide both questions and answers;

  • Various Categories—in pages and lists, so that questions and their corresponding answers could easily be found;

  • Email Notifications, so you will know what is going on—and so you can follow the questions and answers that you like, and;

  • Easy tagging features—so with the help of the right tags, your readers can get to find what they may have long been looking for.

Therefore, if you want more questions and answers, you can definitely go for this one.

Learn More About AnsPress

Try SabaiDiscuss


Meanwhile, if you are looking for a premium option that can help you add a forum to WordPress, why don’t you try SabaiDiscuss?

While it also uses the Question and Answer format as its forum type, it is a more defined unit, and has this façade that looks like Yahoo! Answers or Stackflow—two of the most trusted Q & A forums on the internet!

With the help of this plugin, you will have chance to turn your website into a more community-driven place, which is important when it comes to building your list of followers, and making sure that you get great reputation in business. This way, you could have your very own helpdesk portal—courtesy of your website, and your readers could experience the benefits of the following features, too:

  • Easy search and filter forms created with Visual Editor;

  • Be able to search questions, keywords, and answers with the help of user-friendly features;

  • Flat and fully responsive design—which is one of the keys to having a great website these days;

  • The ability to reopen or close questions, as preferred;

  • Vote for questions/answers, as well as comments;

  • Add file attachments to enhance the way of answering questions, and providing more realistic answers to readers;

  • Make way for hierarchal categories—which means that everything would be properly segregated;

  • Auto-suggest tags;

  • Have questions and answers filtered the right way;

  • Create a good user reputation system—to make sure that your readers would come back and enhance their online profile;

  • Add user profile pages;

  • Flag questions and answers that are deemed derogatory, in one way or the other, and;

  • Have restrictions ready, among others.

As you can see, this plugin offers a lot of features, makes sure your site is aesthetically pleasing, and also makes sure that your readers get what they need from it—which definitely makes it one of your best bets!

Learn More About Sabai Discuss

WP SymposiumPRO


This was first known as a social media plugin, but is mostly used to add a forum to WordPress. From WP Symposium, it is now known as WP SymposiumPRO, with its name giving you an idea that it provides you with all your forum needs—all in one place!

Aside from the usual email notifications, reply voting, favorite, and sticky topics, there are other things that this plugin could provide, and these include:

  • Updated Directory—to help you get in touch with, and get to know your readers more;

  • Easy compatibility with your blog—no matter what it is;

  • Multi-lingual features to work wherever you are in the world, and;

  • Loads of customization features to make this forum YOUR forum!

It does not have lots of features, compared to others, but it is still good in the sense that it allows you to create a forum for your website, without having to deal with problems when it comes to installation and updates. If a fuss-free plugin is your thing, you definitely have to go for this one!

Learn More About WP Symposium PRO

Groups Forums


Groups Forums is one of those WordPress Forum Plugins that you have to pay for, but the good thing about this is that it has a number of special features that you may want, especially if you have already been on the site for a long time. These features include:

  • Topic Asignees and Topic Moderators—creating the feel of a “real forum”—all in your WordPress blog;

  • Sticky topics;

  • User Support System, which can help readers provide feedback, and tell you if they are experiencing something wrong with the site;

  • Front and Back End topic submissions;

  • Various widgets, such as forums, topic tags, topics, and topic search, amongst others;

  • Theme template support—so you can easily customize both your blog and the forum the way you want to—and without having much of a hard time;

  • Published / Pending topic notifications that work for the site admin, the moderators, authors, and readers, and;

  • Various shortcodes that can be used, such as edit topics, let users submit, list forums, topic searches, topic tag clouds, and front end editing, amongst others!

And while you do have to pay for this blog, it might be good for you to know that having it would easily help you manage your website, which is good, especially if you are quite meticulous about your blog. However, if you are a beginner, you might want to try the free ones, first, but hey, if you like this one, then, why not?

Learn More About Groups Forums

BubLaa Forum and Comments


The next plugin on the list is Bublaa, and what you have to know about this is that it is somewhat different from its contemporaries, in the sense that it really makes way for an old-school discussion community. In short, you would have real-time discussions on your site, just like Twitter, which could also help your readers express themselves more, and know that their comments or questions are actually being heard.

It also has amazing features, such as the ones listed right here:

  • Unique forum interface, which makes way for the modernization and easy navigation of your blog—and can easily be appreciated by others;

  • A fully responsive forum—which is important in helping your readers and followers realize that your site is prolific, active, and definitely around to hear them out, and help them, too;

  • Rich text, links, video, and images previews;

  • Search-engine friendly mechanism to make navigation and use easy;

  • Social sharing—which also makes way for more traffic and free advertising for your website;

  • Admin and Moderation tools to help you take better control of your site, and;

  • Request and bugs support—so you could provide the best services for your readers!

If you like the kind of website that is modernized, and that most netizens today would like, it might be good for you to try this one out!

Learn More About BubLaa


Forum Engine

Now, here is a fun way to add a forum to WordPress! You see, ForumEngine has that old-school forum feel, so aside from usual posts, and comments, users would also be able to create their own profiles—and badges—and over time, as they keep on using the site, they would notice various titled being handed to them. It is nothing extremely special, but it stays true to form, which is great if all you want is a proper forum for your readers. It also makes way for the following features:

  • Optimized discussion—so your readers would not find it a hassle to state their opinions on your website, and connect with fellow readers, too;

  • Frontend controls, for you to make sure that the forum is going well;

  • All screen size support, which means it would be optimized for whatever it is that people are using to access your website, and its forum;

  • Easy administrative tasks—so that managing the website—and the forum—would not be a hassle for you, and you would not be lazy about it;

  • Simple Interface, so reading and discussions would be easy, and;

  • Weekly updates—to make sure that the site is going well, and also to help you understand whatever is going on!

If you want to foster camaraderie between your readers and followers, this plugin might just be what you are looking for—and more!

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Or, Go for Simple:Press


Finally, there is Simple:Press. And you know what the good thing about this is? Well, it has almost all the features of the other WordPress Forum Plugins combined into one—so you are definitely getting a lot if you would choose to have this installed on your blog—complete with widgets, badges, and smileys that make way for fun discussions—and user-friendly experience!

This plugin was one of the first plugins that were known to help create forums on WordPress. It has a lot of amazing features, such as:

  • Sub-forum support for any given level;

  • Features could be added by means of a simple plugin system;

  • User defined signatures;

  • Theme and template driven capacities;

  • Customizable icons for both forums and groups;

  • Online list, as well as other forum stats;

  • The ability to create hidden “spoilers”—to give that feel of excitement for your readers;

  • WordPress integrations and registrations, as well as log-ins;

  • Comprehensive Administrative Options—making way for that old-school feel, but with an enhanced, modern twist;

  • Coded to make way for WordPress security routines;

  • Private or Public forums;

  • SEO-friendly permalinks;

  • Page and Browser title settings;

  • Canonical URLs;

  • IM and Social Network identities;

  • Ability to set own user time zones, depending on where they are;

  • Data inspection tools, and;

  • Growing translation tools, amongst others!

This has most of the things you need, especially if you are new to blogging—and to the forum world—so you might want to start with this, just for sure.

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Choose Your Type

Now that you know how to add a forum to WordPress, you just have to make your choice as to which of these plugins you would like to try. What matters now is that you have to know what your site needs, and what would work well with your readers. Once you have chosen what you want and you feel like it does not work the way you want it to, you can always go for something else.

Good luck, and have fun!

There are tons of great themes out there that could be perfect for building a website witha forum.  Maybe you find what you need in one of these collections?

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WordPress Themes

My Blog, Personal Blogging Theme for Writers Bling Themes WordPress Themes

Bling themes has gone and heard of a huge selection of gorgeous WordPress themes. Well, it’s about WordPress Themes.

MyBlog Video Post

If you are going into blogging for the very first time, then this theme is right for you. It comes with lots of well-designed features which makes your personal or corporate blog shine out. Its two main layouts are; post format and homepage. MyBlog has lots of footer and sidebar widgets, post areas and so much more. MyBlog is indeed an asset for every blogger which is capable of boosting traffic to your blog or website. The post section contained in MyBlog prompts readers to view your other articles, thus ensuring you have more clicks. The SEO technology embedded in MyBlog increases the ranking of your webpages.

For additional personal blog themes, try this collection.

MyBlog’s option panel is very versatile, thus ensuring your customization process is seamless, giving your webpages a stunning look. Each line of code is well optimized, giving readers the freedom to edit whatever they want to. The theme also comes with catchy social media icons which will attract huge traffic from social media. If your blog posts are crafted by different writers, the MyBlog is an excellent option for you. It has an author box which displays all articles each of your writers have written, alongside their bio data. If what you want is a blog theme that is minimalistic in design with great ease of customization, look no further as MyBlog has all that you are looking for.

My Blog is a fully responsive, clean, and modern WordPress blogging theme. Featuring a pair of awesome blog layouts, numerous sidebar and footer widgets, featured posts area, various post formats and more.

My Blog is the ultimate theme for bloggers. It has everything that you will need to create a well designed blog. Thanks to HTML5 and CSS5, WordPress Live customizer, and custom widgets, building your blog has never been easier. It also has a beautiful featured posts area or slider to showcase your best content.  to be honest, if you like this theme, you better come get it pretty quick, I bet they’re going to pull it from Theme Forest pretty soon.  It’s getting kind of old, to be perfectly honest.

Features List:

  • Responsive Design
  • 2 Different Blog Layouts
    • Regular Blog Layout
    • Classic Blog Layout
  • Post Formats
  • Featured Posts Slider
  • Custom About Me Widget
  • Custom Tabbed Widget
  • Custom Social Icons Widget
  • Custom Recent Posts Widget
  • Social Media & Search Icon in Header
  • Support for Contact Form 7
  • Support for JetPack
  • Theme Options Panel for easy customization
  • Enable / Disable most elements
  • Translation Ready
  • Threaded Comments
  • Tons of customizable color options
  • Works with WP 4.0+
  • Free Support & Updates for 6 Months

WordPress Theme for Simple Blog Sites

Demo Get Hosting

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WordPress Themes

Shape Industry Standard WordPress Grid Themes Bling Themes WordPress Themes

Bling Themes has just found a huge collection of gorgeous themes. They’re about WordPress Themes.

Shape is one of the first grid WordPress themes that I ever reviewed and I think it is still among the very best. Shape offers a lot of functionality at a very reasonable price and the style, as you can see, it’s second to none. This theme does an amazing job of presenting all of your content in a very well organized and mannered way. I’m not sure what mannered means in this case, but it is pleasing to the eye and that is a great thing for everyone who comes to your site. You certainly want to give them a great user experience and that’s what this template is all about.S

Grid WordPress ThemesGrid WordPress Themes
Portfolio ThemesPortfolio WordPress Themes
WordPress Photography Portfolio ThemesPhotography WordPress Themes

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