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Intercom is a messaging platform that allows businesses and customers to communicate efficiently using the intercom app, it website, through social media and through email. Intercom is one of the most popular messaging platforms anywhere, it has over 100,000 active monthly users. Quite a number of them, over 30,000, are paying customers. So, the popularity is clear, the features are full and is a great marketing tool. Allowing people to communicate, that is a big part of business and Intercom does a fine job of allowing that to happen.

That said, intercom doesn’t have the market completely cornered. There are quite a number of useful options out there that have fewer limitations and more powerful, robust featuring lists. So, we have set out to create a list of the absolute best intercom alternatives for online business communication.



Zendesk has been around for quite a while, it’s probably one of the older Platforms in this collection, but it is still going strong. This is a proven tool for cloud-based customer service, one of its biggest advantages is speed. It’s easy to install, easy to integrate and everything blows up lightning fast. Setting up Zendesk takes just a few minutes, it’s great for all types of businesses and all sizes of business. If communication is what you are after, Zendesk is a really powerful tool to make it happen.

You won’t be alone either, this platform is used by some of the biggest websites around like a Airbnb and tumbler, among others. Zendesk works on the web, it works with Android and iOS just as well. You get a full support guide, business tools and easy integration. Zendesk offers a one month free trial. After that, the cost is just $5 per month. Zendesk is intuitive, clean, simple and delivers a fantastic user experience.

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LiveChat offers a 14 day trial to show you exactly what this powerful Intercom alternative brings to the table. LiveChat is a premium help desk software for businesses and, as the name implies, it offers LiveChat service. Live chat can help turn support teams into rock stars, that’s what the advertising copy says at least.

Priced at $16 a month after that 14 day free trial, this chat platform offers a lot of features that can make it pretty useful. There are canned responses, customizable branding, screen sharing and third-party plugin integration.The platform is quite stable, it’s easy to separate groups and integrates well with other software. The reports are plentiful and there are quite a number of tools to make this is software even more useful. The security is tight and there are custom rules that you can Implement to make things even more secure.

Overall, LiveChat is among the most popular help desk plug-ins for customer support that we have found. It’s also among the oldest, that means they’ve gotten a lot of the bugs worked out and it works perfectly on all operating systems. LiveChat integrates perfectly with WordPress and all of the other major but page Builders, helping to improve communication across the World, helping you stay in touch with your customers and your website’s visitors.

LiveChat is available in dozens of different languages, making it a great solution for websites that I have worldwide reach and appeal. Live chat sets up quite easily and you can chat from any device, phone, tablet, laptop, you get the idea. The interface is clean and concise and I think it’s a great alternative intercom.

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Zoho Desk

This Zoho Desk software is a little bit different. It claims to be the first context-aware help desk software anywhere. Reading reviews, it sounds like that clean is pretty accurate. There are a lot of different contacts or where software systems, Google Assistant being one of them, and they can be decent making context-aware replies. Zoho Desk seems to be a step above. The automated, contacts to wear support is definitely better than a lot of the other options out there.

Zoho Desk puts customer service at the Forefront of what your company offers, making customers empowered. That can help to make your agents even more productive, giving them only the best leads and helping them to engage and close. Zoho Desk also offers automation, making most repetitive tasks completely automated. Zoho Desk is a fantastic platform where your entire team can collaborate, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Not to mention employee satisfaction. Zoho Desk offers support even when you are not around, that’s a really cute component to delivering exactly what your visitors want.

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If you were looking for a very affordable service to integrate with your WordPress website, SmartSupp is really great alternative. This service integrates with WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress and more, even integrates with Google analytics to help share reports. You can create any sort of custom report for livechat sessions. SmartSupp is a little different than some of the child services in this collection, it offers a completely free plan of course, you can step up to the Premium plan which costs $8 per person per month. But, for many, the free version is going to be plenty.

This service is really built mostly for eCommerce Support, so I think that it’s a really great choice. A lot of people are singling this out as being one of the most easy chat platforms, perfectly integrating with open car, pretzel shop, webnode and WordPress as I mentioned. That’s a lot of flexibility and if your store needs a high-quality, free option for chatting with customers, I think this is a great pic.

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Pure Chat

Purechat is another free livechat service for high-volume websites. If you need a dedicated livechat operator, this is one of the better choices. Purechat allows you to connect to your website and displays a chat widget for all users to be able to connect. Well this service offers a free plan that gives you unlimited chat, chat transcripts, custom widgets and an engagement Hub, while supporting up to 3 operators, the premium version adds even more service and functionality. Purechat offers a free chat Forum, users can fill in their personal information and you’ll be able to connect with them once you are online. That’s a really nice feature and considering what you get for the free version, I think this is a very smart alternative to intercom.

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Drift is another chat service that allows you to connect with your customers in a convenient and easy way. The people at drift.com will help you schedule a free website conversion assessment, it allows you to get a very clear understanding of how conversational marketing can help increase sales and help you do a lot more business. Drift is a conversational marketing platform, they say that it’s the first and the only one on the web.

Drift allows you to automate the sales funnel with box, chatbots that can answer common questions in real time. He’s boxing and do a great job of routing qualified leads to the right sales rep and starting conversations with prospective customers in real time. All of this can help you generate more leads and that is one of the biggest things that this service has to offer. Converting more traffic, getting better leads, that’s what drift is all about it and I think that’s what makes it such a great alternative to Intercom.

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Chaport says it is a better way to talk to website visitors. With chat for, you get to install a chat button on your website that can help answer customer questions and that will help increase in sales. Communicating with your customers should be an enjoyable experience and that is what Chaport attempts to do. It’s designed with a modern messenger look, it makes communication with customers fast, easy and enjoyable. It’s just like chatting with old friends. Creating satisfied customers can really help increase sales, talking to visitors and solving their problems quickly can help them make a decision to purchase your product for your service.

With Chaport, you don’t always need to be online. Visitors can write to you even when you’re offline and you will be able to answer questions via a livechat, receive email notifications and more. You can even try the app directly in your browser without installing the widget on your website. This is a One-Stop shopping center for answering customer questions and building trust, engaging with customers before they make their purchase is the best time to ensure that you make the right first impression.

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Freshworks is a feature-packed customer engagement Software System, are refreshing business software that your team and your customers are going to love. There are several different components included, freshdesk which helps to empower your support team. This allows people to work together to resolve customer issues faster. There is fresh chat, that allows you to engage with website visitors for sales and customer satisfaction. Freshsales helps to keep your sales team up-to-date about the newest leads and Prospects, helping them to close deals even faster. There are several others and I think that this service is certainly worth checking out. Freshworks is used by some of the largest websites in the world, helping to deliver a professional and friendly experience, boosting sales and building Trust.

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SnapEngage is a livechat the gets proven results, helping you connect with visitors and improve results. SnapEngage can help amplify your sales by enabling your sales team to qualify and convert even more leads. It’s all about engagement. SnapEngage has a gold ribbon chat that empowers qualified leads to take the next step. Keeping qualified leads moving down that sales funnel is very important.

You get real-world sales results, using this SnapEngage conversation platform, you’ll be able to engage with customers in an incredibly conversation friendly and efficient way. Retaining existing customers is every bit as important. SnapEngage helps Boost customer satisfaction. That can reduce your cost per interaction and every little bit of savings helps. With real-world support results, he will deliver answers to customers in a way that give them a fantastic user experience. Basically, this is about engaging with your customers and potential customers in a smarter way, using automation where it makes sense and good old-fashioned human contact when a needed.

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Slack describes itself as a collaboration Hub, helping to put the right people in the right information together. When everything comes together like that, everyone benefits. Slack is certainly one of the most popular software services in this collection, everybody seems to have heard of it. Slack allows you to create a channel for every conversation, organizing information by topics, projects, teams or whatever makes sense for you and your company. With these channels, everyone who needs the right information gets it and that can help streamline your efforts.

Slack fully integrates with all of the most popular apps and services that you might already be using everyday. With slack, information can flow into the stream of conversation, everyone gets to see it and act on it, inside the slack app. It’s really a great way to integrate and streamline your efforts to make sure that everyone’s hard work pays off.

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Olark  is a software service that helps you grow your business with each and every online conversation. Olark livechat helps connect you to the right customers at the right time in the right place. That means that you can increase sales while you provide support and acquire new, promising leads. Making each and every conversation count is very important, you’ll need to be able to identify and engage with your most qualified leads. Features like automated messaging, preach at surveys, detailed visitor insights and a wide range of in-depth reporting or some of the tools that can help you achieve that goal.

Olark believes that growth happens faster when people work together. That is why I Olark  integration is so thorough. No matter what CRM or eCommerce platform, analytics software you use, Olark does a great job of integrating. No matter what your business call, whether it’s simply offering better service, generating leads or higher sales, Olark has the type of livechat features to help you accomplish that goal.

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