Simply styled, clear in navigation, powerful and flexible, but simple and subtle, that’s what GraphPaper Press had in mind when they created Awesome, a minimal portfolio and slideshow theme for WordPress. Awesome will help you showcase your talents, whether you’re an artist, a photographer or a designer, any sort of creative business will benefit from the well thought out design presented in this awesome theme.  The simple design of this theme makes it easy to make a great first impression as your readers see your page for the first time.  The bold, striking images and simple navigation combine to really wow an audience and there’s no reason for them to leave once they get drawn in.

Awesome is a fantastic looking responsive theme too, so no matter the kind of computer your users access the site with, it’ll look amazing.  From Androids and iPhones to iPads or Nexus tablets, up to any sort of laptop or desktop computer, they’ll all display your site the precise way you want it to be displayed.  There will be no guessing whether you’re delivering a great user experience, it’ll be guaranteed.  Awesome is very easy to customize, with header and footers easily swapped out.  There’s a simple process to upload your company’s logo and favicon too.  The powerful widgetized areas are ultimately customizable and there’s really no sort of content you can’t add with ease.

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