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Video is everywhere these days.  The modern web is packed with moving images, whether it’s in a blog or a creative portfolio, tutorials or news articles, you just can’t seem to get away from video.  And if your website is particularly heavy in video content, having the right kind of website is a critical component of shaping your visitor’s experience.  Some WordPress themes are better than others when it comes to making video content look great.

With thousands, maybe tens of thousands of options for your next WordPress theme, choosing the right one is a very big step.  You’ll need a theme that’s flexible and dynamic, one that loads up fast and looks great on all devices, because it’s perfectly responsive.  You’ll want a theme that is very simple to install and customize.  It can be a difficult balancing act to find a video theme that can do all of that.

That’s why we’ve created this collection of WordPress themes.  We’ve narrowed down the list to a handful of the best video themes around and hopefully, one of these themes will work for what you’re trying to accomplish.  Whether you’re embedding videos from a site like DailyMotion, YouTube or Vimeo, or perhaps you’re hosting the content yourself, the themes we’ve included can make your video or film content look fabulous.  So, here they are, the best video WordPress themes we’ve found.



Oregon is a free WordPress personal blog theme and you can use it to post great looking videos about nearly any subject.  With the clean, modern style that Oregon gives you, I think a video blog or a podcast website is well within reach.  Oregon is also absolutely free, which is pretty nice.

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Video blog themes like Vlog do the very specific task of presenting video blogging content the proper way.  It’s clean, modern and well organized.  For either self hosted or embedded video blog posts, Vlog gives your video clips a place to shine and that can deliver a great user experience.

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Viseo is a podcasting WordPress theme that has a super-modern style, a powerful administrative panel for advanced customization and it’s really simple to use.  Viseo gives you a sold base to build a video website that people are going to love.

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Divi is probably the most powerful WordPress theme created for sharing video.  It’s based on the incredible Divi page builder, one feature-filled page builder theme that allows you to create any sort of layout using one of the dozens of pre-made styles and the customization tools to make your site look just the way you want it to look.

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Soledad is a wonderful WordPress magazine theme that has several pre-made styles that fit for video blog or video magazine websites.  That’s not too surprising, considering Soledad has over 6,000 premade layouts.  That’s a staggering number of pre-made styles, so it’s not surprising that a number of them are perfect for video websites.

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Powerful, responsive and built for video, BeTube is a ‘YouTube clone WordPress theme’ that helps you share all types of video content with your visitors.  BeTube gives you 10 different home page styles, giving you a number of starter websites for crafting a successful video website.

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The Movie


The Movie is a theme that’s built for movie trailers.  Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to create a feature length film or video, (it’s not easy, but you know what I mean).  Of course, once you’ve created that project, it’s time to create a website to help promote it.  That’s what The Movie is all about, giving you a wonderful way to present your feature or short film, documentary or animated film.

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Reel Story


Reel Story is a premium quality WordPress theme that is all aboyt video portfolios.  If you’re a filmmaker, you know the value of a great portfolio and Reel Story helps you develop a narrative experience for visitors to your website.  Reel Story is also great for showreels, so if you’re a motion graphic designer, it’s a nice looking way to get your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

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Ananke is a one page, WordPress parallax video theme with multiple features to make it ideal for showcasing video.  Of course, being a single page theme, it’s not like there’s going to be tons of areas for video content, but it could be perfect for introducing a video or film trailer to the world.  The level of features it pretty staggering, so I think it could work well.

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Grand Magazine


Grand Magazine is among the biggest and best online magazine themes, so the fact that it’s got several video magazine options isn’t particularly surprising.  Grand Magazine has a gorgeous style, great for portfolios too.  So, if you need a nice looking theme for showcasing any sort of video, even tutorials and innstructional videos, this theme is a great jumping off point.

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Joker is a great theme for photo and video portfolios, built for photographers and video photographers who want to create a flexible and attractive website for all types of content, particularly video.

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SOHO is an incredibly professional, creative and powerful portfolio theme for both still images and videography.  You get several different layouts to help present your video content, making it pop, giving it life and making sure people stand up and take notice.

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Leedo is a theme for building eye catching portfolio websites, blogs and more, but the pre-designed video portfolio is one I highly recommend.  If you’re creative, finding a website that matches your creativity can be a real benefit and Leedo is one such theme.

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Glytch is a theme for music and music videos, allowing you to build an amazing online presence, connect with readers and it’s a vibrant, colorful platform for doing just that.  Glytch is user friendly, easy to customize and powerful, including a page builder that gives you loads of potential to promote your content.

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Circle is all about video portfolios.

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Goodwin is an awesome video and photo portfolio theme that’s definitely worth considering.

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MovieW is a WordPress video reviews website, perfect for building an online community based on mutual love of film and video.

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Drone Media


Drone Media is a pretty cool theme for drone video websites and it’s got more than a few features that make it a nice choice.

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Attitude is a fine looking video blog and portfolio theme with audio, video and gallery post formats.

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Video Touch


Video Touch looks like a nice candidate to create a WordPress website similar to YouTube.

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News Tube


News Tube is a news magazine theme that strongly supports video, making it ideal for breaking news coverage.

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VideoTube is another WordPress theme that’s similar to YouTube in both style and functionality.

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Create is a drag and drop page builder theme that has plenty of features for building a video portfolio.

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Kon/Cept has a clean, minimalist style that could make it a nice choice for video portfolio websites, since it’s clean style has plenty of style to make your video portfolio look amazing.

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Brooklyn is a creative agency theme for WordPress and if your agency uses a lot of videos, whether it’s short form or long form commercials, this theme makes your spots come alive.

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Studio 8


Studio 8 is a creative video studio WordPress theme with lots of potential to make your website a big hit.

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Ultra is a premium WordPress theme with several pre-made demo styles, one of which could be great for a video magazine.

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Inspiro is a premium WordPress video theme that offers fullscreen backgrounds, gorgeous typography and lovely features that make your website shine.

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Immense is a fullscreen WordPress theme with custom post types, making it a great looking website for video projects.

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Plexx is a simple, clean and minimalist WordPress portfolio theme that can take your projects and elevate them, shining a light on your most important and most impactful content.

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Materialism is a nice looking all around business theme that has a winning material design style and all the features any website needs to present professional, engaging video content.

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Vignette is a wonderful WordPress theme for crafting a nice looking portfolio.  For models, photographers, videographers and other creatives, this theme works well.  The background shown above is actually a full screen video, so that’s a nice way you can add some real impact to your front page.

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WordPress Theme Collections

Coffee Shop WordPress Themes


Welcome to Bling Themes’ collection of coffee shop WordPress themes.  We certainly hope you can find something here you really enjoy, because we had a great time finding all of these amazing WordPress themes to review.  There are lots of options when creating an online shop or blog for your coffee business.

That’s a good thing.

Speaking of good, WordPress is a good way to go when setting up any type of site.  Frankly, it’s better than good, it’s absolutely great.  WordPress gives you all sorts of tools to create the type of website that visitors can enjoy, all without the ability for you to know how to code.

The themes in this WordPress coffee shop themes collection offer great places to start your new site, giving you the tools and design necessary to make a major impact on your readers.  With any of these themes, you can build a professional, attractive website for any type of content, from blog to eCommerce, online community or general information.

So, let’s get started!



Corretto is a novel theme, built specifically for coffee shops, café websites and blogs about coffee.  User friendly and well designed, this theme could be what your coffee shop needs to build a professional web presence.

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Mister Coffee


Mr. Coffee is a premium quality WordPress theme for coffee shops, tea shops and café websites.  Using modern technology and classic design, this feature filled theme has a great look and lots of powerful features.

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Café Pro


Cafe Pro is a premium WordPress Genesis framework theme that could be an ideal platform for coffee shops.  With fast page load times and a great design, Cafe Pro delivers an awesome user experience.

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Barista is a modern and approachable WordPress theme that does a wonderful job of presenting coffee shops with a professionalism that is unmatched by most other themes. With very specific detail oriented design, this theme is ideal for coffee shops and Cafe websites. with a professionalism that is unmatched by most other themes. With very specific detail oriented design, this theme is ideal for coffee shops and Cafe websites.

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Coffee Luck


Coffee Luck allows you to quickly set up a great-looking website for your coffee shop. With specifically build seems like this one, you can have a very professional, custom look for your coffee shop almost immediately.

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Nitro is a coffee shop and tea shop WordPress theme that has features that very specifically designed for both, making that your website look fabulous and giving your readers exactly what they expect when they come to your side. High quality content that is framed perfectly and that makes your services look incredibly appealing.

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Downtown is a restaurant WordPress theme that is great for all sorts of food and beverage websites, but I think that one I use that is particularly nice is as a coffee shop. Coffee shops Mead approachable designs and this clean and modern look helps to feature your products and make them look great.

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Brunch Pro


Brunch Pro is a Genesis framework WordPress theme that look up fast and looks great on all devices, thanks to the responsive design. This theme allows you to quickly build a great-looking website for your coffee business and it’s all possible thanks to a very user-friendly, beginner-friendly design and feature set.

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Espresso makes sure you have every tool you’ll need to build a great looking website for a coffee shop.  I guess the name sums it up, right?  Espresso is perfectly responsive, it has a food menu builder to expose your beverages to the world, Events Calendar Pro is completely supported and several premium plugins are also included.  You get Envira Gallery, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, Events Calendar Pro and a whole bunch more.

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Espresso was perfectly built for coffee shops and it really pulls a blend of features and style. This theme is going to make you or business look highly professional, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a web development team. That’s one of the real values of a WordPress template and it’s something that any small business owner can use to their advantage to build a trustworthy website.

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This is Verdure.  With a modern and minimalist design, this is theme gives you every feature of that high end coffee shop and tea house websites have to offer. Everything is laid out in a very clean and clear manner, you’ll be able to present your coffee shop the right way, making everything incredibly appealing.

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One thing that goes great with coffee, delicious baked goods. This theme doesn’t wonderful job of presenting delicious treats alongside your coffee business. If you’ve been searching for a theme that can do double duty, this is a really wonderful option and one that hundreds of other webmasters have chosen to help them build a great coffee shop website with WordPress.

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Meet Aperitive.  Built for restaurants and coffee shops, this theme has a modern, magazine inspired layout that is very impressive to look at and it has all the features any winning coffee shop website must have.

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Parallax Pro


Parallax Pro is a Genesis framework child theme that has delicious layouts, plenty of great features and one of the primary uses that this theme is good for is building a WordPress coffee shop site. WordPress is the absolute best content management system out there and using a theme like this one can give you a fast loading, professional-looking website in no time.

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Studio 8


Built primarily for creative websites, Studio 8 is also occasionally used as a coffee shop web template. It’s got a modern, clean look and it support any plug-in that you want to throw at it, meaning you can build any sort of website that you could imagine.

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