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March 1, 2018

Zerif Pro


This one is called Zerif Pro, a professional one page WordPress theme made by the folks at ThemeIsle.  Zerif Pro has a slick and fun parallax scrolling layout, you can use custom content blocks to keep your site looking fresh and keep all your content easy to reach for your readers.  All that makes an unparalleled experience that will bring in new readers and retain your old customers too.  All varieties of businesses have chosen the Zerif Pro theme.  Zerif Pro has a wonderful design, the Zerif Pro theme is ideal for web pages that don’t need layouts with tons of pages.  Zerif Pro knows, sometimes the one page layout is is plenty and Zerif Pro makes the most of just a single page, with a a gorgeous style, a contact form, a variety of custom content blocks for your homepage and much more.

The Zerif Pro theme is totally flexible, responsive and this one page theme is a delightfully contemporary template for business sites, creative websites, selling all sorts of merchandise, creative companies, designers and loads more.  If you love clean design and a simple to use theme, and want to opt for a one page design that frames and underlines your posts, you’ll adore this incredible theme.  The Zerif Pro theme is fully Google optimized to make your site easy to locate on every single search engine on the planet.

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Shutter is among the very best picks for virtually any photography studio or creative agency, or photographers portfolio. It truly is the perfect template to just about anyone who would like to emphasize their stunning works and to get a superb internet presence. This Shutter theme truly is a simple to operate WordPress theme with a sparkling style as well as a unique strategy to the digital photography portfolio concept.  From picture galleries to internet based photography albums, proofing sites to ordinary portfolios, the Shutter theme does everything very well.

As a perfectly responsive and fluid theme, it may be quite easily individualized and even evolved to satisfy all of your layout and overall performance needs. This theme is loaded with most up to date attributes, versatility (it is possible to change color, typography, fonts, dimensions and way more) and fun possibilities. Simply take advantage of every one of them! Mobile devices are so widely used these days and their status is rising, which makes this theme appear fresh, appealing as well as new.

This is a special portfolio theme built to inspire all photography fans and gifted people who would like to get their desired online presence.

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Silverbow WordPress Theme

When you’re looking for a stunning free and multi-purpose WordPress theme, you might want to really think about the Silverbow WordPress theme. This superior quality WP has none of the problems that many free WP templates have, for example they tend not to load rapidly or even they don’t offer the features you need. This nice looking Silverbow theme can provide an amazing structure for any kind of posts, it’s minimalist layout is appealing and user-friendly. Silverbow has heaps more than merely a gorgeous look. This template comes with loads of awesome benefits.

Designed to be right there with the best quality eCommerce themes, Silverbow comes with a lovely style as well as the efficiency which collectively increases the performance of your online shop! The overall design is responsive and mobile friendly, clean and basic, centering your reader’s eyes on what exactly is really important: your posts. Your website’s readers will like a user experience that is second to none.

A well crafted admin setup will speed up the path for customizing and adjusting the template to correctly match your site. For crafting a perfect blog, you will need the a proper web template. Silverbow is built to be an amazing kind of blogging template, ideal for any type of online business. For creative portfolios, Silverbow definitely hits the mark, this theme is excellent for any kind of inspiring portfolio website.

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This WordPress theme called Eames is an attractive, straightforward minimalist design with a genuine equilibrium between style and function, between simple and complex, between creative portfolio and WordPress blog, making it incredible for a huge variety of purposes and designs. I like the standard arrangement and style of this minimalist theme, Eames, as well as the smooth, responsive structure. Eames was made by MadeByMinimal so Eames is nicely designed, it’s minimal, it’s breathtaking, yet at precisely the same time, it is exceptionally powerful, fresh and confident. The design is amazing and definitely not a thing can get between your visitors and your posts, so for running a blog, it might be a brilliant theme which helps boost your articles and definitely get a reaction that you will love. This WP portfolio and blog theme could be good for vlog, any kind of portfolio or any type of imaginative blog. Should you want your followers to get the most out of your magnificent photographs as well as artistic work, you will want a great frame to make it look the best it can. A straightforward style like Eames is a perfect option; basically, should you desire a breezy, tranquil looking web page.Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

There are more responsive WordPress themes available here.



Considering everything you get, Ultra is an incredibly powerful theme.  The ultra theme offers many demos, such as advertising agency or restaurant demo sites, wedding sites or gym and fitness demos, eCommerce shopping sites, gaming websites or law firm sites and a ton more.  This theme is easy to use and powerful with a good-looking, grand and stunning design with lots of add-ons to help customize your theme.

Ultra WordPress theme allows you to design and implement a site like you imagine it should, thanks in large part to the responsive and fluid layout as well as the intuitive drag and drop page builder.  You get a whole bunch of powerful short codes to help to create the various features you want to have on your website, Ultra gives you tons of pre-created lay-outs, to help get your site on-line with no problems. Typography and colors are easy to change, there are multiple archive layouts too.

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This good-looking WP theme is named Lookbook. Lookbook is a very classy and professional, crafty and easy to use grid WordPress theme for putting together an awesome portfolio page. With a fantastic design, this Lookbook theme provides an incredibly good initial impression, featuring your posts and pages on one page. Just like all of GraphPaper Press’ designs, Lookbook is very simple to customise, you can actually change up the logos, favicons, navigation, text areas as well as all of the available widgets. Lookbook offers a mobile friendly design, flawless looking on all sorts of devices. Your photographs will appear perfect with one of the many pre-made masonry designs which are offered with this WordPress theme, present artistic portfolios, picture galleries and also articles in a similar awesome masonry design.Demo/Purchase Get Hosting



The Divi theme, by Elegant Themes is right up there with the most popular and best reviewed WP themes released in the last two years.  Divi is a rarity, a true multi use WordPress theme, offering plenty of beautiful layouts and features offered.  Personal blog sites can stun your readers thanks to this well designed theme made by Elegant Themes.

I think you will love basically all of what you get, from the flexibility to the sleek and cutting-edge look, the awesome documentation and support given by the Elegant Themes folks and, frankly, the the low cost for the theme. For the lost price of just $89 a year, you’ll get everything on the website.  That’s fantastic if you’re a web developer.   But, even if you aren’t, it’s a heck of a deal when you consider the amount of functionality offered, not to mention the help available if you happen to need it.  Elegant Themes’ Divi certainly is a potent, robust theme, and maybe the last theme you’ll ever need.  Robust and easy to use, Divi is as strong as it is alluring.

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Studio 8


This beautiful theme is named Studio 8 and it’s garnered a bunch of positive ratings from many thrilled purchasers.  The Studio 8 theme has been purchased thousands of times and this wonderful WordPress theme is absolutely getting more popular every day. When it relates to overall flexibility, the the incredible Studio 8 WordPress theme provides everything you need to find success in almost any market or business. Absolute beginners to the site construction world will certainly love the thememaker’s offer of full installation and even configuration by the designers themselves. In barely a few minutes, your site is going to be configured and ready to go. All you need to do is create any changes that you would like and start adding your content. After the site is up and running, you will be able to use the extremely instinctive customization panel to make distinctive layouts and design styles for small businesses, creative agencies, freelance experts as well as any type of organization.Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

Elegance Pro


This theme is definitely a skillfully crafted, amazing looking, cool and ground-breaking minimalistic design WP theme which will help you develop the web page of your hopes and dreams. This minimalistic WordPress theme is highly effective, it has been developed with every kind of consumer at heart, from beginner to specialist. With the most innovative HTML and CSS, this template is perfect for web-sites and business owners of any type, since this template is an incredible energetic and pleasurable adaptable design, suitable for everyone.

This Elegance Pro web-site is set up in a short time and there are lots of plugins it’s possible to use to supply brand new advantages for your web blog. A superbly responsive website is essential, that is why this impressive, functional website has been produced to be completely responsive, so it appears great on every computer or device, no matter what. You may rapidly develop your own one-of-a-kind layouts with this particular well designed theme, as it is incredibly modifiable and vibrant, expertly produced and designed in each and every way. This is certainly an absolutely great Elegance Pro minimal theme that you must absolutely evaluate.

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The Tabor theme is a smartlooking 100% GPL WordPress template that may be exactly what you are searching for.    Tabor’s layout is minimal, hassle-free and delightful, and it definitely works for just about any kind of posts.

Selling some awesome products? Cool! It’s simple! WooCommerce is one of the most common eCommerce solutions for WordPress and Tabor is designed to look magnificent and work well. You may rather quickly set up an ideal online shop in minutes.  The general theme is mobile friendly, nice and effective, centering any visitor’s attention on just what is really significant: your posts. Your website’s readers can look forward to an experience that is first rate.

A user friendly editing interface can enhance the process of building and adapting the theme to beautifully match your site. It is possible to show off your art work as well, Tabor provides a classy and useful artistic portfolio integrated.

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Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro WordPress Theme

This professional theme called Hestia Pro is by ThemeIsle, and it’s a fantastic, multi-use theme for businesses with a great looking material design style and the Hestia Pro theme is chic and hassle-free, yet flashy and professional concurrently. The Hestia Pro Theme comes with a great portfolio and WordPress blog included and due to the fact that it’s a just a single page theme, navigation simply couldn’t be any easier. Hestia Pro is probably the absolute best material design theme you can find, I can say I haven’t found any material design themes much better than Hestia Pro. Why would one select a material design theme anyway? Well, these material design themes are kind of a response to flat WordPress themes and though they’re not really that much different, material design themes often have quite small drop shadows under things like images and other content elements. This little bitty shadows are what material design is all about.

Hestia Pro is faultlessly perfectly responsive in all ways.  Oh yeah, for more responsive WordPress themes, here’s some more options).  Hestia Pro appears stunning on all devices, irrespective of display size. That’s not such a big deal these days, the bulk of WordPress themes are responsive and mobile friendly, however I do believe that Hestia Pro is amongst the best of these themes, which is the reason I decided to include it in our assortment of the best WordPress responsive designed themes. Completely WooCommerce ready, Hestia Pro makes it easy to construct a web-based shop with a few mouse clicks. With huge amounts of extensions and addons to customize WooCommerce, it’s reaching the point where truly, WooCommerce is just as good as any one of the expensive eCommerce cart options available and it’s going to save you lots of money in the long run, I’d say. You simply need the proper, wonderful and extremely flexible theme to truly make your site look amazing!

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