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April 3, 2017
There are some websites out there that collect and review WordPress themes that feature great ways to showcase your video or multimedia clips in a professional and well organized way.  Video is such an important way to engage with your readers, so selecting the proper video theme is a key step in building a great looking site with tons of interactive video content.  The collection I linked to is a wonderful way of doing just that, they’re all highly professional, well designed themes that put a lot of style on the page, helping make you video clips entirely memorable.
I’ve been telling anybody who’ll listen that choosing the right theme can help your photo portfolio look great and there are a lot of great looking themes to choose from, so you should really take your time and be careful about what kinds of themes you’re looking at.  It can be tempting to select a free theme, but often times, those free themes come with no support, or at least very meager support.  I’d prefer a premium theme to a freebie, but you may find that some are perfectly good themes with great code and even some levels of support once you install the theme on your site.

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