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April 12, 2017
I found a couple of things that I found to be pretty interesting the other day.  I’m searching high and low for a new theme, this time in the fashion industry.  I’ve found collections that have gotten me on the right track, stuff that says things like here are some great themes for a men’s clothing store and these are some stylish, feminine themes for a women’s clothing store.  But my question is this, is there really a difference?   I mean, after all, the images really tell the story.  if you put a bunch of female models on the page, wearing skirts and dresses and other women’s clothes, then it’s going to look like a women’s clothing shop.  But if you put a bunch of male models on the page, it’ll look like a men’s fashion shop.  So my question, is there a difference?  Does it matter what the images are?  Whether it’s a jewelry shop or a shoe store or whatever, you change the images, you change the store.  Or am I wrong about this?  I have no idea.

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