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Blogging About Your Personal Life With WordPress

April 3, 2017
Whether you’re delivering news stories or you want to blog about your life with a personal blog theme for WordPress, you need to find that perfect theme that really grabs the attention of your readers.  The best blog themes are generally quite simple, with easy navigation, typography that makes the website really readable and only the features necessary to create a great user friendly experience.  More than that seems to be overkill.
But anyway, I love a great blog, people sharing their stories is just incredibly interesting to me and I can’t get enough.
A friend of mine, Denice, came to me asking to help her find a new WordPress theme, so I told her to start her blogging career with WordPress and a high fashion theme that perfectly fits with the style and content of her site.  I think she chose a pretty great theme, since it looks a lot like many fashion blogs I’ve seen, though it’s unique enough to stand apart from the crowd.  With the right WordPress theme, you can really do wonder, building your audience and really raking in the clicks too, if that’s something you’re interested in.  😉

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