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Best WordPress Coffee Shop Themes

May 17, 2017

Coffee shops are huge business and they’ve come a long, long ways in the last few decades.  Gone are the smoke filled cafes of old, the aging seats replaced by fine hardwood booths and the smell of fresh roasted coffee.  It’s great for coffee lovers and one of the biggest things you shouldn’t overlook is the value of a great looking website.  In this collection, we plan to find the absolute best coffee shop themes for WordPress, so you can almost guarantee that every one is of the very highest quality.  For more coffee shop inspiration, check out this collection we found of the 10+ OF THE BEST WORDPRESS COFFEE SHOP THEMES.  We think that our collection will be even better, but I’m sort of using that as a placeholder until we get our collection created.

Stay tuned for more great information coming right up.

Massive Dynamic

massive dynamic wordpress full screen theme

For individuals, companies, or organizations who need and attention-getting, thoroughly modern, and malleable website, the Massive Dynamic WordPress theme provides everything in a highly user-friendly way. The name of the theme tells the whole story. Massive refers not only to the size of the websites you could potentially make but to the vast collection of benefits and features you will get when you use it. You do not need to know one line of HTML or what a CSS file does. This WP theme comes complete with the premium plug-in Visual Composer so you can simply drag and drop elements around the page until you get your preferred look. No matter how much content you include, the end result will always be fully responsive so people can view it with ease at home on a large desktop monitor or when out and about using their smartphone or tablet.

Besides the intuitive page builder plug-in mentioned above, Massive Dynamic also includes the Master Slider and Revolution Slider plugins so you can create animated slideshows with smooth transitions of any sites. This theme supports many other add-ons and plug-ins as well. Notification Center allows you to unite portfolio, blog posts and e-commerce options. For even more ease of use, this WP theme offers a collection of over 70 shortcodes. These can be copied and pasted into pages wherever you want their unique benefit, such as a button, graphic or animated icon. Ajax powers various animations and the Progressive Image Loading feature that speeds up the viewing process.

The Massive Dynamic WP theme impresses visitors who appreciate a professional and polished look when they are dealing with the company or individual. It is easy to see that any website that uses it has powerful modern technology behind all of the sleek and attractive elements on every page. When you build your online platform with the Massive Dynamic WordPress theme, you will impress more people and convert them to customers or clients with ease.

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